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Debunked! 5 Scratchme Cards Myths That Are Making You Lose Out On Winning.

Admin Feb 10, 2022

When you hear SCRATCHME cards, many things run through your head. You think you need a little magic to win. SCRATCHME cards are surrounded by many misconceptions and these misconceptions are affecting the way society perceives the game. In this article, we get to debunk some common ones.

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  • You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than win from a SCRATCHME Card.

    This is the most common misconception. this is the one you’ll hear a lot. It is definitely not true. David Hand the author of The Improbability Principle, says the chances of being struck by lightning are 300,000 to one. However, there are many winners of the SCRATCHME. Infact irrespective of the price point you play at there is over a 20% chance of winning on every card played and Scratched.

  • If you always play the same set of cards, you’ll eventually win.

    While you can play the same card every time if you’d like, the winning cards are chosen at random and have no correlation with cards that has already won. You could also play the same cards and eventually win, playing the same cards does not increase your chances of winning.

  • Playing the smaller cards increases your chances.

    This misconception sounds believable; but unfortunately the size of the jackpot has no bearing on your chances of winning. If you’re looking to improve your chances, you can help your case by buying and playing more cards. The odds of winning at all price points remains relatively similar.

  • SCRATCHME Cards are not for the Elite.

    Many people believe that individuals who play the lottery tend to be lower educated and earn lower income than individuals who do not play the lottery. This is not true at all as people from all walks of life take part. To paraphrase the great philosopher “Burna Boy” if Dangote is still looking for Money, who am I to turn down money? Of course it goes without saying, playing our SCRATCHME cards is also completely voluntary.

  • SCRATCHME Cards only benefits those who win.

    SCRATCHME Cards reach is far wider than just the people who win the jackpot. A large portion of the proceeds will be donated towards charitable projects and promote grass-root education. In that way, you get the thrill of playing the lottery and the community benefits.

Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you have hopes of winning our SCRATCHME Jackpot? Step into any Shoprite stores (including the Palms and Ikeja City mall) in Lagos and buy the SCRATCHME cards.

200 naira cards have a maximum jackpot of 1 million naira, 500 naira cards have a maximum jackpot of 5 million naira while 1000 naira cards have the maximum jackpot of 10 million naira. Other cash prices can also be won, the chances of winning increases with the more cards bought and winnings are paid instantly at participating Retail outlets.

SCRATCHME Cards are licensed by the Lagos state Government to run and coordinate a scratch card lottery scheme. They are committed to shaping the future of gaming by being a source of happiness to players and to deliver fun, innovative products that offer players great value and unparalleled access to winning.

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