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About Us

Scratch Me is pioneering a new generation of lottery winners in the heart of Lagos State, Nigeria. We believe it is time to change the rules in the lottery industry and break the existing traditional rules by introducing a wide array of appealing scratch cards to our players. We also aim to give total control to our players and give them a fair chance to win.

We are more than just a lottery organisation; we inspire humanity by carrying outcharitable works and supporting grass root organisations in raising donations for community-related projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted lottery organisation that is inclusive and socially responsible. We are committed to shaping the future of gaming by being a source of happiness to our players and we aim to deliver fun, innovative products that offer our players great value and unparalleled access to winning.

• Our mission is to provide the best lottery platform that not only offers our players a chance to experience the joy of winning, but also offers us the opportunity to create a means to give back to the wider community.

• Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our organisation.

• We pledge that for every scratch card sold, a portion of the proceeds received will be donated towards charitable projects and promote grass-root education.

• Winning changes lives, because when you win, we all win!

Our Vision

• To give our players a fair chance of winning by creating the gaming experience of a lifetime.

• To be globally recognised as a trusted lottery and charitable organisation with a proven track record of making donations and executing charitable projects.

Our Team

The company is run by lottery experts who are available to guide and support our players. We provide adequately researched guidelines, resources and information to our players. Our partners contributed their speciality in the hardware and software process to create the perfect designs and quality of scratch cards. From idea inception to card production and design, we are backed up by creative experts. Our players are a priority to us and each is treated as equally important. We keep our players at the heart of our operations with a mission to change lives. Grow your revenue with our cards and get adequate support from our team of experts.

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